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SauTech Controller OS

A machine Learning AI operating system for activating light speed data transfer and inter-connection of various clients around the globe.

Cloud Operating OS

We are working on a cloud based operating system, which will be compatible with SauTech Devices, this will help many users with les powerful devices to experience powerful softwares.

Smart Devices OS

Our OS will be compatible with any hardware out there, we have special hardware optimizing software that enables old PCs to enjoy powerful OS.

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Xenesis OS Prices

Once a user create an account, we issue licences for as many devices as you request. A single account can link upto ten devices.


A Big discount of 40% for the first ONE Million Downloads recorded.

Xenesis OS Monthly Pay
$ 255 /mo

Monthly payment plan for ultimate Product. Promo-code, enjoy 6 months free.

  • 1 month Test
  • 3 licenced Users
  • Additional User is $95/mo
  • Free SauTech S+ 6 months
  • 1TB SauTech Cloud
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Xenesis OS 6 months pay
$ 1350 /

Designed for Businesses with real-time cloud backup 24/7.

  • FREE Setup
  • 20 Active devices
  • Additional device is $55/mo
  • Free SauTech N+ 3 months
  • 10TB SauTech Cloud
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Xenesis OS One Time
$ 2750 /

For corporates and premier Users. Also free infinity app & Security S+

  • FREE Setup
  • 30 Active Devices
  • Additional User is $45/mo
  • Free SauTech N+ 3 months
  • ultimate SauTech Cloud
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