Welcome to Sautech Limited, we are now live In Kenya, South Africa & Looking Forward to other parts. We Specialize in Operating Systems, Global Mobile Network, Space Exploration and Travel, Surveillance systems, Sautech + system, Nicola Power Technology, Transparent Technology, Harware Upgrade system, Web Development, Operation Tycoon softwares, Automobile Technology, SauTech Banking System.

SauTech gives you Power to Associate with fascinating & Innovative products

Nicola Power System

Advanced new form of Power that is propagated via wireless media.

SauTech Cloud

A new era is cloud services design to connect your devices seemlessly.

Cloud Computing

With SauTech N+ network, all the web data will be at your finger tips. No need to down.

Smart cars Solutions

We upgrade your current car transmission system converting power input to wireless fully electrical system.

Space Technology

With Our rearch in inter-stellar Technology, we will be able to travel anywhere in seconds.

Security S+

This is a unique security perimeter that is in place to confine your systems.

Web Connectivity

With IOT technology, we will be able to connect all our devices without limitations.

Secured workspace

With SauTech security Protocol, all your information will always be conceal to the world.

What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

SauTech is loaded with useful, technology options that allow users to quickly and easily connect and learn how far we are willing to go. But that”≥ not all, when you subscribe SauTech Products you will also get the most amazing customer support around!

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Some Facts About Our Company

Advanced AI Support system
Super surveillance system
Un matched software Skills